A great research capacity has passed


A characteristic of Michael C. S. Kingsley was that he preferably navigated in complex issues. In the beginning of the millennium, he was one of the driving forces behind the development of a mathematical model adapted to the Greenland ecosystem and able to describe variations in the Greenland shrimp stock. The model is still used for assessing the basis of Greenland's most important trade, ensuring that, year by year, an advice on the shrimp stock is available from NAFO to Naalakkersuisut.

Now, Michael Kingsley is no longer with us. He died 22 December 2016, aged 75, after long illness.

A heavyweight in research

When Michael Kingsley was hired in 1998, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources gained a research capacity. Michael Kingsley had 22 years of experience in researching and giving advice about living resources in the Arctic regions. His expertise lay in mathematics and statistics in connection with assessing and counting animal populations, and he was especially capable of analysing and modelling variations in the size and distribution of animal populations.

As a researcher, Michael Kingsley had great range. He knew five languages, he was analytically acute and skilled in writing scientific and technical texts. Michael Kingsley's great research-scientific work first and foremost concerned marine mammals, but, at the time of his death, he had put just as much labour into the shrimps in Greenland. With more than 80 scientific articles, Michael Kingsley leaves a considerable contribution to the biological research community.

"His high professional level within mathematics, statistics and modelling population dynamics has had significant importance for the work of the department. Michael was much in demand in the international research community and in counselling bodies. Among other things, he was the chairman of several scientific working groups", says Head of Department of Fish and Shellfish, Helle Siegstad.

The last 10 years, Michael Kingsley worked with scientific advises for the Department of Fish and Shellfish at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. In the autumn 2016, despite his illness, he provided a last assessment with his colleagues in the department.

During the period 2002-2005, Michael Kingsley was Head of Department of Birds and Mammals at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

A warm-hearted Englishman

Michael Kingsley was an enthusiastic yachtsman. Thus, he taught at the yacht skipper education when he and his wife, Claudette, were living in Nuuk. As a keen hunter, he enjoyed to spend time in nature.

Michael Kingsley was a highly finicky and meticulous person, who thoroughly explored all aspects of everything, he ventured into. Behind the scientific facade was a warm, cordial and humorous individual, who will be missed by everyone at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to his wife, Claudette.

Let us respect the memory of Michael C. S. Kingsley.

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