Blog about the narwhale studies in East Greenland


A team of mammal scientists from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources are studying the narwhale population at Ittoqqortoormiit from 16 July - 27 August 2017.

The scientists have created a blog, so that everyone can follow their work researching the biology and ecology of the narwhale. Anyone interested can follow the work from four research stations: Work with satellite tracking in Hjørnedal, on board the research ship "Pâmiut", from the air working with aerial surveys (all in Scoresby Sund) and join the scientists in the remote Kangerlussuaq Fjord attaching the satellite tags onto narwhales that possibly migrate into Scoresby Sund later in the year.

The projects combined will become the greatest study of marine mammals yet performed by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and may be followed on:

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Photo: Carsten Egevang