Increase in shrimp stock size at West Greenland


There may be fished 105,000 tonnes of Northern shrimp off West Greenland. This is NAFO’s advice for shrimp fishery in West Greenland for 2018. The advice for shrimp fishery in East Greenland for 2018 was unchanged, remaining at 2,000 tonnes. NAFO’s recommendations have been passed to Naalakkersuisut, which will make a final determination on the quota for shrimp fishery in Greenland.

Regarding West Greenland, the advice is 17 % higher than in 2017, where the recommendation was 90,000 tonnes. The higher catch advice is based on the fact that the Northern shrimp stock shows progress in both biological studies and data from the shrimp fishery, as well as in model calculations.

The scientists’ calculations for the end of 2017 show that the Northern shrimp stock off West Greenland is at a sustainable level. The size of the shrimp stock is above the threshold that the stock size must have to ensure a sustainable yield.

The stock status is assessed based on catches of the shrimp fishery, estimated size of shrimp biomass founded on biological studies, catch per pull in the shrimp fishery, as well as expected predation by cod stock.

Based on the above-mentioned, NAFO has recommended a catch level of 105.000 tonnes.

The East Greenlandic shrimp stock remains at a low level, despite several years of low exploitation rates. Therefore the advice is unchanged.

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Photo: Greenland Institute of Natural Resources