Increase in crab stocks at Sisimiut


Up to 800 tonnes of crabs can be caught at Sisimiut in 2009, according to the biologists in the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The biological advice for 2008 was only 350 tonnes. In other parts of West Greenland crab stocks are still at a low level. After a peak in cathes in 2001 reaching 15,000 tonnes catches fell to 2,200 tonnes in 2007.

High quotas in previous years have resulted in overharvesting of the stocks according to the research in the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The Institute recommends a management as in the Sisimiut area to be followed in other areas as well.

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources recommends a general season from ultimo March to medium July, for all fishing areas, to reduce discard and mortality, hence obtaining a more comprehensive exploitation of the resources.

For further question please contact crab scientist AnnDorte Burmeister, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, phone +0299 36 12 00 or e-mail:

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