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Since the Arctic is the place on earth where the effects of climate change are most evident has research activities in the Arctic has exploded during the last decades, and just growing interest to research the Arctic makes it hard to get an overview and coherence of all the activities.

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and a number of other research-related knowledge centers and universities launched therefore a new web portal in 2015 with the aim to provide all engaged in Arctic research, training, consulting and logistics a general overview to the various numbers of research activities in Greenland and in the rest of the Arctic. The portal has just been launched in a new version 3.0, which contains a lot of new features.

-ISAAFFIK´s purpose is to inspire and promote cooperation, synergy and creativity of universities and knowledge-centers of excellence in areas with Arctic research, training, consulting and logistics. Users get a tool that for the first time provides an overview and information on the many different research projects, education, field work, jobs, events in Greenland and other countries engaged in Arctic research. Quite simply, it is about that users of now are given the opportunity to read about who is doing research? Where? How? When? All gathered in one place on the internet;, says Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen, coordinator for

ISAAFFIK is an independent and public portal with a content that is maintained in a decentralized manner by a number of ISAAFFIK´s partners: University of Aarhus, Aalborg University, Danish Meteorological Institute, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Arctic Command and the Ministry of higher Education and Science in Denmark. It is expected that the partnership circle will grow over time. Arctic Research Center at Aarhus University is responsible for the daily operation and coordination of ISAAFFIK.

You are welcome to contact ISAAFFIK Secretariat ( if you have questions or suggestions for improvements to the website.

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Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen, coordinator of, email:, tel: +4593508392

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