Plastic waste in the sea – a global and local problem, also in Greenland

Themed meeting on the occurrence and environmental effects of waste in the sea as follow-up on research done in Greenland in 2016-2017.


Plastic waste in the sea has received worldwide attention in recent years and is considered by the UN to be one of the greatest environmental challenges today. Contemporary research has shown that the currents transport waste across the oceans – also to the Arctic.

This themed meeting offers scientific presentations on plastic waste in the seas. Results from recent research done in Greenland show that the occurrence of different types of waste also is widespread on the shores of Greenland and that small plastic particles (so-called microplastics) are consumed by for example sea birds. Among other things, the research suggests that local Greenlandic sources may be at least as significant as maritime transport or waste being transported with currents over long distances.

The themed meeting is held in collaboration between the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and Aarhus University. The presentations are in Danish.  

Place: "Lille Sal" i Katuaq, Nuuk

Time: Thursdag 5 October 18.00 - 20.00



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Collection and registration of waste along the coasts of Greenland, where waste from cities, ships and fisheries, among others, can be found. Here from the Godthåbfjord.