Research vessel M/TR Pâmiut has been taken out of operation


Research vessel M/TR Pâmiut of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has been taken out of operation after having served Greenland for nearly 50 years, including 25 years at the Institute. This was decided by the Institute’s management and board in the light of several technical assessments and detailed reports from marine technical experts. Naalakkersuisut has been informed of the situation.

The recent inspection of the ship showed that Pâmiut was in need of a thorough and very expensive renovation to be able to continue serving as a research vessel – not to mention any unknown challenges that might appear during the renovation. Therefore, the management and the board assessed that it would not be worth the while to renovate Pâmiut, and, as a result, the ship can no longer be used for fisheries research in Greenland.

Over the years, with the extremely competent and experienced crew, Pâmiut has carried out a very essential task as part of the yearly measurements of the country’s important fish resources, especially shrimp, cod and halibut. These annually recurring measurements of the fish resources must be continued, as long-term and uninterrupted research data – the so-called time series – have fundamental scientific value to Greenland.

For several years, the management of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has been looking for a replacement for Pâmiut, but fruitlessly. The Government of Greenland is now involved in the search for a new research vessel. Furthermore, a plan is underway concerning how the Institute and the country can avoid a situation where gaps appear in the time series for the various fish stocks.

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Pâmiut. Photo: Greenland Institute of Natural Resources