Same amount of shrimp as last year may be caught in 2019


105,000 tonnes of shrimp may be caught in West Greenland in 2019. This means that the biological advice on shrimp fishery is unchanged from 2018. Likewise, in East Greenland the advice for 2019 on shrimp fishery is unchanged and remains 2,000 tonnes. The advice have been given to Naalakkersuisut, which establishes the final quota for how many tonnes of shrimp may be landed in Greenland.

The scientists’ calculations show that the stock of shrimp in West Greenland is at a sustainable level. The catch level in West Greenland has been determined based on the fact that the shrimp stock is stable, which the results from both the biological surveys, fishery data as well as model calculations indicate.

The stock size is assessed based on catches of the shrimp fishery, catch per pull in shrimp fishery, estimated size of shrimp biomass based on biological surveys as well as the size of the cod stock expected to feed on shrimp. Based on this, the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) recommends a catch level of 105,000 tonnes in West Greenland.

The East Greenlandic shrimp stock is at a low level, and the shrimp fishery has been limited to a relatively small area on the east coast just as the catches have been at a low level these years. Due to a lack of ship capacity, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has not been able to do surveys on the east coast for the past two years. The advice is therefore unchanged.

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Photo: Carsten Egevang