Fish stocks—Models—Dynamics—Assessment


About the position: The Fish and Shellfish Department at Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GN) hereby announces an opening for a permanent  position as senior researcher/researcher with fish and shellfish stock assessment in Greenland as the primary field of work. Stock assessment and advice regarding fish resources is a key issue for the Greenlandic Society, as fishing is the main pillar for the economy.


Main fields of work

  • Research and development of methods to improve assessment of stocks, and reducing uncertainties when giving advice.
  • Quantitative data analysis and modeling of stocks of fish and shellfish.
  • Development of ecological models for understanding changes in fish stocks.
  • Advising manager, politicians, and others active in the field, as well as presenting research results at all levels.
  • Participation in annual international working groups as regards to assessment of stocks as well as other relevant meetings in the ICES/NAFO.
  • Researched based teaching may take place.
  • 25% of work schedule is reserved for independent research and publication within the department’s sphere of work.


Qualifications: The applicant shall have an education at the Ph.D. level in quantitative biology, mathematics, or statistics, and have an interest in and experience with working on population dynamics and modeling stock parameters in relation to fish populations. Emphasis is placed on good communication skills, both in writing and speaking, when communicating with managers and researcher. It will also be an advantage if the applicant has experience with research and monitoring programs, and has participated in international research forums, advised authorities, and published in relevant scientific periodicals.


 Requirements of senior researcher

  • Documented research in population dynamics and stock evaluation, including quantitative data analysis and modeling.
  • Documented experience with programming, mathematics, and statistics.
  • Documented experience from work with quantitative analysis of data bases.
  • A solid knowledge of statistics and several programming languages (primarily R, but also SAS/WPS)


Requirements of researcher

  • A knowledge of data processing, including databases (for example Access).
  • A flair for planning and executing monitoring programs.
  • Experience with programming, mathematics and statistical analysis of data, and an interest in working with quantitative analysis of complex data.
  • Good ability with statistics, professional flexibility, and thoroughness.


Education etc.: We expect that the applicant has an education in biology, marine ecology, statistics, engineering, or related fields. A Ph.D. or the equivalent, together with experience with data analysis and quantitative biology would be an advantage.


We expect that the applicant is committed, flexible, and has good interpersonal skills and the desire to work in an international researcher environment. A knowledge of conditions in Greenland and the Greenlandic language would be an advantage.


Salary and conditions of tenure, including commencing and resigning the position, and moving household effects, will be in accordance with the applicable agreements at the time of hiring, between Greenland’s government and the applicant’s accepted negotiation organization.


Housing: An unfurnished residence may be supplied with the position in accordance the applicable rules at the time. Rent and deposits are to be paid in accordance with the applicable rules at the time. A residence supplied is bound to the conditions of employment, and shall be vacated at the termination of the employment. Rent and quality of the residence can vary depending on the age of the residence, ownership, etc. There may be a wait time for assigning of a permanent residence, and therefore there might be a temporary residence in a vacancy (taxable)—possibly in a smaller group home, or a hotel apartment.


Further information about the institution can be found on the home page, or by direct contact with the departments leader, Helle Siegstad, telephone 299 361200, or by email:


Deadline for receipt of applications is 11. November 2019


Application: The application should be marked ‘Application for senior researcher/researcher FiSk’ with copies of diplomas, CV, and relevant publications that the applicant wishes to be considered in the evaluation process. The application should be directed to Director Klaus Nygaard, and sent to Box 570, DK-3900 Nuuk, Greenland, or emailed to


Greenland Institute of Natural Resources is the Government center for biological research and the primary objective is to provide a scientific basis for a sustainable use of the living resources in Greenland, as well as safeguarding the environment and biological diversity. The Institute advises Greenland Government with respect to its living resources. The Institute is located in Nuuk, and employs about 67 associates.

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