Strengthened education and research in the Arctic


On Sunday 8 July 2012 Pinngortitaleriffik, The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) in Nuuk, The University of Manitoba, Canada and Aarhus University, Denmark, signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement significantly strengthens the international research cooperation in the Arctic region and will focus on education within a large number of Arctic issues.

This new and extensive Greenlandic-Canadian-Danish research collaboration is bringing together more than 200 of the world’s leading scientists in climate-related research in the Arctic. The topics cover a wide range of focus areas with relation to health, economy and environmental- and climatic efforts.

The collaboration, which is structured in a joint partnership named: “Arctic Science Partnership” (ASP), provides the partners with unique opportunities for a comprehensive synergy within research, education and publication of Arctic challenges.

Between them the partners have at their disposal a number of unique offers such as laboratories, research vessels, field equipment and field stations available to scientists from the three countries. The idea is to collaborate closely in selected Arctic effort areas and hereby ensuring a close coordination of cross-scientific research, environmental monitoring and education.

One important aim to the ASP collaboration is to create the basis for education and knowledge about Arctic conditions within the Arctic region – especially Greenland and Canada. The students may participate in a number of various modules at the three research institutions and new educational possibilities will be created in all three countries.

 “The Arctic faces extremely radical changes and when it comes to research we must be in front, so that we may locally be able to meet the new challenges and guide the population in how to handle the consequences” states Professor at GINR Søren Rysgaard who, together with Professor David Barber from the University of Manitoba, took the initiative for this new collaboration.

Søren Rysgaard is convinced that the new collaboration will result in one of the world’s leading research centres in Arctic research.

Through Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 July rectors and directors from the three institutions met in Nuuk to draw up the Memorandum of Understanding and on Sunday 8 July the three countries signed the MoU.
Host of the meeting among the parties is the Government of Greenland represented by Member of the Cabinet for Education, Research and for Nordic cooperation Palle Christiansen.

For further information contact:

Professor Søren Rysgaard, GINR, mobile no.: 299 585 489

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