We must adapt to climate change together

A team of scientists from Canada, Greenland and Denmark has been studying some of the challenges... Read more

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Significantly fewer mackerels – especially in Greenlandic and Icelandic waters

Yesterday, the results of this summer’s mackerel surveys were published by the International... Read more

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Full speed ahead for a new research vessel

It is an important and significant event that Inatsisartut’s Finance and Fiscal Affairs Committee... Read more

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Greenland porpoises touring the North Atlantic

New research shows that these small, tough whales swim much further away from the shore and dive... Read more

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Decline in all inshore halibut stocks in North Greenland

Recently, the inshore stocks of Greenland halibut in Disko Bay, Uummannaq and Upernavik have all... Read more

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New method ensures more accurate advice on inshore cod

The international Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has given its advice on cod fishery... Read more

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New Fisheries Engineering education programme right around the corner

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources recently hosted a workshop on a new initiative that... Read more

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