Baffin Bay polar bears under pressure from climate change

Polar bears in Baffin Bay are going through tough times, and even though they are plentiful in the... Read more

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A changing Arctic calls for planning

Increasing marine traffic, decreasing catch rates, more tourists, more violent weather followed by... Read more

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Three upcoming scientists awarded PhD grants for their Arctic research

At its most recent meeting, the Greenland Research Council prioritised and nominated three... Read more

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Head of Communications, Pinngortitaleriffik

Currently seeking experienced Head of Communications to join Pinngortitaleriffik as soon as... Read more

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Research vessel M/TR Pâmiut has been taken out of operation

Research vessel M/TR Pâmiut of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has been taken out of... Read more

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Improved collaboration on climate change and ecosystems in Greenland

The Arctic is a barometer for global climate change, and the changes occur faster here than in any... Read more

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Conditions allow for a doubling of the walrus population in northern Baffin Bay

A recent scientific article by four authors from Pinngortitaleriffik, among others, indicates that... Read more

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Nuuk scientist receives distinguished prize

Lene Kielsen Holm from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, along with her research group,... Read more

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