International focus on whale research in Greenland

New light has been shed on the humpback whales’ behaviour when searching for food in the deep ocean... Read more

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Hunters obliged to collect samples from polar bears

After January 1. all hunters in Greenland are obliged by decision of the Minister for Fisheries,... Read more

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Harbour porpoises respond to climate change

In a newly published article in Ecology and Evolution scientists from the Greenland Institute of...

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The Northwest Passage opens for bowhead whales

The loss of Arctic sea ice is predicted to open up the Northwest Passage, shortening shipping...

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New book about polar bears and Inuit hunter’s knowledge in Northwest Greenland

The results of an interview survey made by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources on the...

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New book about the seals of Greenland

A new book about Greenland’s seals has just been published by Ilinniusiorfik, the Greenlandic...

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PhD in Greenlandic Baleen whales

Malene J. Simon from Greenland Institute of Natural Resources defended her PhD thesis at the... Read more

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PhD thesis on Arctic tern

2 June 2010, Scientist Carsten Egevang, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources,... Read more

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