Whalewatching disturb humpback whales

Greenland Institute of Natural Ressources and outfitters in Nuuk study the effects of whale...

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Common Eider surveyed in South East Greenland for the first time

South East Greenland is one of the least explored areas in Greenland. For the first time biologists... Read more

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Request from GINR: Do not shoot polar bears wearing satellite transmitters

A polar bear wearing a satellite transmitter was shot in Upernavik in February. The polar bear was... Read more

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Greenlandic seals collect data

This week Nature Geoscience published an article that focus on the interaction between the ocean... Read more

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The longest animal migration in the world revealed

Astonishing new information on the wonders of animal migration has been revealed in a recent paper...

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First record of the grey seal from Greenland

The grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) was photographed during fieldwork in September 2009 near Cape...

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New knowledge about whales and seabirds in Davis Strait

For the first time, the respective distributions of seabirds, whales and their food during their... Read more

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Bowhead whale hunts in slowmotion

New research from Aarhus University and the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources shows that one...

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