15th Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group

The 15th meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG), hosted by the Greenland Institute... Read more

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Status of polar bears to be evaluated

Polar bear experts from all over the world have been invited by Greenland to meet at the Greenland... Read more

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Greenlandic whale research yield solid advise

The greenlandic effort in whale research has gained results in IWC's scientific commitee. For many... Read more

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Two sperm whales seen near Nuuk

Two sperm whales were observed together on June 11th, as reported to the Greenland Institute of... Read more

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Walrusses migrate between Greenland and Canada

Sven Heilmann from Maniitsoq caught a walrus on April 24th 2009 in the packice outside Nordre... Read more

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First record of Ross Goose in Greenland

A Ross Goose (Chen rossii) was caught, when American Scientists were surveying Snow Geese for the... Read more

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Greenland Gyrfalcon survives accident

A Greenlandic Gyr Falcon that was found injured and unable to fly, has survived the winter in Nuuk....

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Increasing numbers of eiders due to sustainable hunting

An untraditional cooperation between hunters, biologists and managers has resulted in increasing... Read more

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