Strengthened education and research in the Arctic

On Sunday 8 July 2012 Pinngortitaleriffik, The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) in... Read more

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GINR receives a new generous gift

On opening the new boat house at GINR, which is donated by Aage V. Jensens Foundations (AVJF),... Read more

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Clear blue sky and plenty of snow – we enjoy it every day! Blog 15 from NE Greenland.

First of all thank you to Mikkel, Niels, Mads, Kirsten, Stefan, Daniel, Gernot, Martin, Christian,... Read more

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PhD course at Arctic Station

It’s the end of April and the rooms at Arctic Station in Qeqertarsuaq are filled with busy PhD... Read more

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Arctic Winter Climate Feedbacks - Blog 14 from NE Greenland

One of the main topics for the terrestrial winter/spring campaign at Zackenberg is improving our... Read more

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Bright sunshine and frost in Polar Bear Country. Blog 13 from NE Grønland

Bright sunshine and -20 to -25 degrees Celsius – this is what we’ve been so very fortunate to... Read more

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R/V Sanna is ready for surveys

The name Sanna is a strong symbol of the work we carry out at the Institute of Natural Resources.... Read more

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No possibility for landing. Blog 12 from NE Greenland

“No possibility for landing at Zackenberg”

This was the message we received on Iceland, well on... Read more

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