The seabed is being mapped

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources together with other science institutions from Iceland,... Read more

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Lene Kielsen Holm receives the 2014 William Mills Prize

The book prize honours the best Arctic or Antarctic non-fiction book published throughout the... Read more

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Life in a melt water pond

By Peter Bondo Christensen

Melt water ponds are formed when the sea ice starts melting in the... Read more

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The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources at the leading edge in Arctic research

When it comes to scientific articles on Arctic research, the Greenland Institute of Natural... Read more

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The climate forces us to act

Extensive climate changes are a reality that has been demonstrated and emphasized in numerous... Read more

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Do your master's study in Greenland

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) offers the opportunity to carry out master... Read more

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Sea ice is a significant factor to the climate

Is the transport of the greenhouse gas CO2 to the sea bed driven by biological or chemical... Read more

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