Increase in sea temperature at the west coast of Greenland

Now the temperature of the sea surface anywhere in the ocean north of the 58 'latitude is known... Read more

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Climate change and hunting affect on polar bears in Greenland

In Greenland, polar bear are affected by both hunting and climate change. In recent years it has... Read more

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“Sanna”, a research vessel with new opportunities

“Sanna”, the Institute's new research vessel, looks tiny among the huge icebergs in the fjords... Read more

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Mussels can tell about climate change

Researchers from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and Aarhus University has just... Read more

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New knowledge about methane emissions in the Arctic

There has been much speculation about the importance of the greenhouse gas methane and its... Read more

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Summer activities – from sea to land

It is not only the burning sun and the snow free mountains that indicate the arrival of summer at... Read more

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Nuuk Sea Ice Campaign 2013

When the Arctic Science Partnership (ASP) held its first meeting in November, 2012 an ambitious... Read more

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Climate changes and the importance of Sea Ice

During the past decades the temperature has increased significantly in the Arctic. This has reduced... Read more

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