The paradoxical physiology of the narwhal

In a new scientific article published in the highly regarded scientific journal Science, principal... Read more

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Time series – the backbone of providing advice

The most important type of data set in the management of Greenland’s living resources (mammals,... Read more

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Blog about the narwhale studies in East Greenland

A team of mammal scientists from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources are studying the... Read more

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Yet another Greenlandic biology student defended a Master’s degree in her home country

Today, 15 June 2017, postgraduate biology student at Aarhus University, Sascha Schiøtt from... Read more

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Changes in Arctic marine biodiversity indicate environment on verge of major shift

Says new State of the Arctic Biodiversity Report, released at the Arctic Council Ministerial Read more

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Catch of certain sea mammals assessed sustainable

Contrary to last year’s NDF- assessment, Non-Detrimental Findings, catch of walrus in Greenland has... Read more

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Things are looking up for the beluga population in Greenland

The positive development of the beluga population in West Greenland is due to restricting quotas... Read more

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New Procedure for CITES Non Detriment Assessments from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

The following is a translation of a press release from the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources... Read more

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