Arctic zooplankton is moving north

There is clear evidence that some of the arctic zooplankton has begun to disappear from its... Read more

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Marine geophysicist with focus on habitat mapping

The Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC) at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and... Read more

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[Translate to English:] Børnenes Saligaatsoq

[Translate to English:] ”Det er vigtigt at holde skrald væk fra naturen.”

Det var budskabet under... Read more

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NASA succeeds in finding “cooling” at Ilulissat

Contrary to some expectations, scientists from NASA found evidence of cooling last year in... Read more

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Noise pollution - Better knowledge of the noise in Arctic seas

The sea is not a silent world. There is a lot of noise below the surface. A large part of this... Read more

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New logo - GCRC inters a new decade

In 2019 the Greenland Climate Research Centre is entering a new decade and we celebrate this by... Read more

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Our team is expanding, and we are looking for a new colleague

The Greenland Climate Research Centre is a department at the Greenland Institute of Natural... Read more

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A changing Arctic calls for planning

Increasing marine traffic, decreasing catch rates, more tourists, more violent weather followed by... Read more

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