Marine mammal biologist at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

The Department of Birds and Mammals of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources is looking for... Read more

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Greenland porpoises touring the North Atlantic

New research shows that these small, tough whales swim much further away from the shore and dive... Read more

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The paradoxical physiology of the narwhal

In a new scientific article published in the highly regarded scientific journal Science, principal... Read more

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Things are looking up for the beluga population in Greenland

The positive development of the beluga population in West Greenland is due to restricting quotas... Read more

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International focus on whale research in Greenland

New light has been shed on the humpback whales’ behaviour when searching for food in the deep ocean... Read more

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Hunters obliged to collect samples from polar bears

After January 1. all hunters in Greenland are obliged by decision of the Minister for Fisheries,... Read more

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Harbour porpoises respond to climate change

In a newly published article in Ecology and Evolution scientists from the Greenland Institute of...

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The Northwest Passage opens for bowhead whales

The loss of Arctic sea ice is predicted to open up the Northwest Passage, shortening shipping...

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