The Department of Environment and Mineral Resources possess expertise in:

  • Advice on impacts on the Arctic environment in relation to the exploitation of oil and mineral resources.
  • Assessment of external reports on environmental impacts produced by licensees in the natural resources sector.
  • Preparation of analyses and reports on environmental and natural conditions in the Arctic.
  • Risk assessment of heavy metals and hydrocarbons in relation to people, soil, groundwater and recipients.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with the other departments of the institute and external partners about counseling and reporting.

Taking advantage of the tripartite agreement between the Government of Greenland, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and DCE until 2019 there will be a continuous transfer of skills to GINR. This will be done within a wide range of areas where the advice over the last 40 years has been with the DCE.

A field camp for mineral exploration. Photo: Ole Geertz-Hansen
Updated 03.09.2016