Filtering water to collect zooplankton in Lake Qassi near Kobbefjord, south of Nuuk. Photo: GN

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has two ships and a number of motor boats and dinghies. In addition, the institute also has two field stations located in Kobbefjord / Kangerluarsunnguaq and Niaqornat - see more info here.

The Institute has laboratory facilities for scientific experiments and chemical and biological analyzes. The analytical equipment includes autoclave, centrifuge, flourometer, scintillation counter, DIC analyzer (dissolved inorganic carbon), spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, isotope ratio mass spectrometer, etc.

The ongoing capacity building will include the establishment of facilities for performing batch tests and column tests for risk assessment in relation to heavy metals. Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has agreements with Danish and foreign laboratories about the analysis of heavy metals, hydrocarbons, etc.

Updated 03.09.2016