Vision and strategy

The Environment and Mineral Resources Department is aiming to become the leading provider of consulting services for the Government of Greenland on environmental issues relating to oil and mineral exploitation projects. Photo: Morten Birch Larsen


  • To serve as a knowledge center on the Greenlandic environment and the leading advisor to the Government of Greenland about the environment and nature in relation to mining and oil projects.
  • To be an internationally recognized institution for research in environmental issues under arctic conditions.
  • To build knowledge by offering courses at the undergraduate and master's level in environment issues under arctic conditions.


In 2014, the Government of Greenland, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) and Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University (DCE) signed a new three-party agreement with a clear plan for the future corporation between GINR and DCE in the counseling of mineral resources. The agreement includes a long-term process for cooperation with a significant transfer of knowledge to GINR.

The department will maintain and develop skills in environmental impact assessment in order to perform additional tasks and take over the overall responsibility by the end of the strategy period.

Updated 03.09.2016