Pinngortitaleriffik - Greenland Instiitut of Natural Resources and Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland to the right. Photo: Carsten Egevang



Ph.D. and postdoc scholarships for 2019


The scholarships 

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources invites young researchers from all major scientific areas for a new application round for Ph.D. and postdoc scholarships. The Greenland Self-Government and the Danish State offer a number of Ph.D. or postdoctoral scholarships for occupation in 2019, expected to be granted.


Priority and purpose 

The Interdisciplinary Greenland Research Council gives priority to the applications, while the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources is responsible for the administration. 

The scholarships will strengthen Danish-Greenlandic research collaboration, the development of research and the recruitment of young researchers to Greenland research. It must be emphasized that the research funds can be searched within all scientific main areas.


Application deadline 

Application deadline: Friday 15 March 2019 


Links til:

  • Vejledning og specifikation af krav til ansøgningen
  • Ansøgningsblanket.
Updated 01.16.2019