Vacant position: Terrestrial ecologist at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources


The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources invites applications for a research scientist position at the Department of Birds and Mammals. The position will comply with our primary objective, which is to provide the scientific basis for advising the Government of Greenland on sustainable utilization and the conservation of the natural resources. Our focus are the species and stocks of importance for Greenland’s economic and cultural interests. We are looking for a scientist to work with advice, monitoring and research on terrestrial game species, specifically caribou and muskoxen.


The main responsibility will be to participate in, and eventually take leading role on the formulation of advice for the sustainable hunting of caribou and muskoxen, as well as other aspects of management of terrestrial ecosystems, such as collaboration in environmental impact assessments. This implies planning and conducting the research necessary to produce the advice, including consultation with local hunters, fieldwork, and data analysis. In addition, the terrestrial ecologist should communicate the research results to the public, in collaboration with our information office and other scientists from our institute. Scientific collaboration with international networks is expected. There will be a need to apply for external funding to complete and expand research and monitoring activities.

The terrestrial ecologist will work closely with scientist from other departments of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, in particular with the Department of Environment and Minerals Resources and, during an initial phase, with a senior scientist under the Department of Birds and Mammals, who is currently in transition towards retirement.

Involvement on research projects related to understanding and mitigating the effect of human activities on the natural environment will be encouraged.


Applicants should hold a university degree, preferably at PhD level in fields such as biology, ecology or population dynamics. Previous evaluation as senior scientist will be an advantage. Essential qualifications include experience with management of herbivore populations and understanding of abundance estimates and the dynamics of harvested populations. Writing skills for the public, management, and scientific target groups are needed. Desirable qualifications include fieldwork experience and a steady publication record. In-depth knowledge of Arctic conditions will be an advantage.

Personality traits needed for this position include good social communication skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. 

The working language at our institute is Danish, but we can accommodate for a fluent English speaker, if necessary. Knowledge of Greenlandic and the Greenland society is an advantage.


The position will refer to the head of the Department of Birds and Mammals, who in turn refers directly to the institute´s director.

The salary terms and conditions are specified by the agreement between the Government of Greenland and the Danish Union of Academics. This is a permanent position providing government housing on regular rental/housing conditions.

The job is based in Nuuk, Greenland. Starting date is 1 February 2019, or as soon as possible thereafter.


Further information

Further information may be obtained from head of Department Fernando Ugarte, phone:  (+299) 36 1200; E-mail or at

Application must be marked "Stillings­opslag" and sent to:

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
att: Fernando Ugarte
P.O. Boks 570
DK-3900 Nuuk
email: or

The application must include a cover letter giving the applicants contact details, outlining the reasons for applying, giving details of supporting enclosures and summarizing the applicant’s principal qualifications for the job.

The application should also include a Curriculum Vitae with details of past employment, academic and other qualifications, list of reviewed papers, other relevant experience and reference to one or two referees, as well as copies of exam papers.


Deadline for arrival of applications is January 2, 2019


The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources is the Government of Greenland's center for biological research. Our primary objective is to provide the scientific basis for a sustainable use of the natural resour­ces in Greenland, as well as safeguarding the environ­ment and biological diversity. The Institute employs of about 60 people in six departments: Department of Fish and Shellfish, Department of Birds and Mam­mals, Greenland Climate Research Centre, Department of Environment and Mineral Resources, Administration and Communication Office

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Photo: Fernando Ugarte